A Winter Gathering in Nuuksio


It was a beautiful and crispy winter morning as I was driving to Nuuksio. The road leading to the cottage was quiet and you could see how the heavy snow piles were weighing on the trees, making the branches droop down a bit.

I had been waiting this day for a loooong time! So the day went by just as quickly by arranging flowers, cooking and baking (you read right, I baked! And it was delicious!) with some really lovely and funny people. 

At the end of the day I had to almost roll over to my car after eating so much but it was worth it! And being vegan and gluten free, I was still eating really healthy food hah!

Workshop: Hey Look and Tuulia Talvio
Ceramics: Savisisko
Linens & aprons: Lapuan Kankurit
Honey: Nordic Honey
Wines: Vindirekt Finland
Food Ingredients: Risenta
Venue: Hawkhill Nature

Anni & Karri's Seaside Wedding at Ruissalon Telakka, Turku

I felt privileged being able to capture these secondary school sweethearts tying the knot after being together for 13 years. That's almost half of their lives that they've spent together! Meaning they've been together longer than they've been alone or single or how you want to put it..
Ah-MAAAAZING! Truly mind-blowing. 

That Saturday in August was one of the stormiest days in Finland this summer but somehow we avoided all the thunder and heavy wind and just got our fair share of the rain later in the evening. But you know what they say: Rain on your wedding day predicts a long and happy marriage!

Editing this wedding and also while going through these images for the blog, I found myself humming to the song "You Fill Up My Senses" by John Denver.
If I remember correctly from the speeches, Anni was partially named after that particular song and that's why it was played a few times at the reception. One special time was after Anni's Mom's speech where the two shared a moment and danced and sang to that song together.
Yes, I cried.
Everybody cried.

So if you want to get into the same mood, pull up your Spotify, YouTube etc. and play that song while scrolling through the images.


Getting ready: Bridget Inn, Naantali
Makeup: Meliina Savela
Hair: Tanja, kampaamo Elycia
Dress: Fiancée
Tuxedo: Antony Morato
Rings: Rubens
Church: Naantalin Kirkko
Venue: Ruissalon Telakka, Veneveistämö, Turku
Catering: Deligo Catering
Calligraphy and Stationery: Willow Visuals
Florals: Kukkakauppa Piia Jaala
Pianist and violinist: Rait Karm ja Lukas Stasevskij
Bridesmaid dresses: Asos