My mission is simple:

to capture your love in its most beautiful, genuine form

On my own wedding day, I felt like a puppet being put into different positions just to get that perfect shot. I got self-conscious, stiff and uncomfortable.  Every time I look at the photos now, they just remind me of the particular moment the photo was taken – and how none of it felt natural, emotional or intimate.

So I vowed to myself that I'd give my clients a different experience. Always. I don't want you to feel like I did. I want you to feel beautiful, natural and at ease. I want you to love yourself in those photos. I want you to be able to look at every image and feel those butterflies that you felt in the moment.


 On your wedding day, I will always come prepared, having scouted locations beforehand. With my keen eye for detail that I've been honing over the past nine years, I will capture every part of the day in the best light possible. I will blend in with your guests seamlessly to capture all of those little moments that flicker by in an instant. When it's time for portraits, I will gently guide you into actions that feel genuine and natural to you. So that the two of you can enjoy this time as a quiet, intimate moment in an otherwise hectic day.

I know that planning a wedding is stressful, so the last thing I want you to worry about is the photography schedule. That's why I will always offer the perfect coverage suited to your big day's timetable and your personal wishes. 


I am a fine art film photographer with over nine years of experience photographing weddings of all sizes and shapes. My biggest inspiration are my clients and their love for one another. Exceeding your expectations is always my number one goal.

Clients compliment me on my attention to detail and my positive nature. If you're nervous during our shoot, I will make you laugh. That's almost guaranteed. 

I am a natural light photographer inspired by the ocean and its changing tides, the wind and how it gets caught in your hair or wedding dress. I find beauty in everyday moments and see details that others would overlook.



These are my guiding values, in everything I do. 

I'm an empathetic person by nature. I thrive when I can make the people around me happy. Being able to put myself in someone else's shoes is probably one of my greatest gifts – and it is such an integral part of my work as a wedding photographer. I truly care about you, your wedding, your traditions and customs, your guests and everything that is important to you. Your day is not about me or how I can get the best portfolio material for myself. It’s about you.

Connection means everything to me. I love to connect to people, but even more so I love to witness the connection between others. Deep conversation, stolen glances, hands touching, hugs and smiles, kisses. I live for capturing that stuff. I think that a great wedding photographer needs to know how to read a space and the people in it– to be quick with capturing those fleeting moments before they are gone forever. In your wedding portraits, I want to bring out that same genuine connection. That's why I will never try and place you in any trendy poses or theatrical compositions. All I want to capture is the real you – and the connection between you.

I strongly believe in equality and that everyone has the right to love and be loved. It should be a basic human right for two individuals to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. We are all worth equally and our love is the same. I also treat all my couples and their weddings the same, and I absolutely welcome diversity. Whether I’m shooting an intimate elopement or a wedding with 200+ guests, a small or big budget wedding, an influencer wedding or an intimate elopement, I’m always giving my absolute best to make sure you get the wedding coverage you dream of. 




Every wedding is different and every couple has their own unique set of expectations. And because I always want to exceed those expectations, I don't offer fixed priced packages.
I target each offer specifically to your location, wedding size and personal wishes. In the meantime, here are some details to get your started.



I shoot most of my work with a medium format Contax 645 on film. A lab in Oregon develops and scans the images for me, so you can get them in digital format for high resolution prints.

Why? Because there is something about a film image that can never quite be reproduced digitally. 



I know that booking a wedding photographer is something you don't do every day, so I want the process to be as simple and transparent for you as possible.

Let's start with a call and get to know one another. Afterwards I will make you a personalised offer designed exactly around your wishes and needs. 

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