A Winter Gathering in Nuuksio


It was a beautiful and crispy winter morning as I was driving to Nuuksio. The road leading to the cottage was quiet and you could see how the heavy snow piles were weighing on the trees, making the branches droop down a bit.

I had been waiting this day for a loooong time! So the day went by just as quickly by arranging flowers, cooking and baking (you read right, I baked! And it was delicious!) with some really lovely and funny people. 

At the end of the day I had to almost roll over to my car after eating so much but it was worth it! And being vegan and gluten free, I was still eating really healthy food hah!

Workshop: Hey Look and Tuulia Talvio
Ceramics: Savisisko
Linens & aprons: Lapuan Kankurit
Honey: Nordic Honey
Wines: Vindirekt Finland
Food Ingredients: Risenta
Venue: Hawkhill Nature

Glögi Recipes

Creative direction, styling and recipes: Michaela of Hey Look
Film lab: Carmencita
Cotton runner: Seidenband
eramic bowls: Tuias

These delicious glögi or mulled wine recipes and images were featured on Magnolia Rouge.
I wanted to share my favorite recipe from the shoot, which is the cocktail version of the mulled wine.


3 parts light glögi
1 part rum
dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice
apple slices to garnish
ice cubes

Mix together the glögi, rum and lemon to taste. We prefer to use a rather sweet glögi for this recipe. If yours is too sour, you can add a dash of simple syrup. Pour the mix into a glass over ice and garnish with some thin apple slices. Serve and enjoy.

...I usually drink mine virgin though!
The rest recipes and images you can go and check out on their page or click here.


Nämä herkulliset glögiohjeet ja kuvat julkaistiin Magnolia Rouge -hääblogissa. Halusin jakaa lempiohjeeni, joka oli cocktail versio glögistä.


3/4 osaa vaaleaa glögiä
/4 osa rommia
ipaus tuorepuristettua sitruunamehua
omenan viipaleita koristeeksi

ekoita glögi, rommi ja sitruunamehu yhdessä. Suosittelemme käyttämään suht makeaa glögiä tähän reseptiin. Jos juomasi on liian hapan, lisää loraus siirappia. Kaada sekoitus lasiin ja lisää lisukkeeksi ohuet omenanviipaleet ja jääpalat. Tarjoile ja nauti.

...Kuten minä, koktailin voi nauttia myös alkoholittomana! Loput reseptit ja kuvat löydät heidän sivuiltansa tai voit klikata tästä.

Organic Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Design & Styling: Michaela of Hey Look
Calligraphy: Lumi Calligraphy
Ribbons & Cotton Fabric: Seidenband

This gift wrapping inspiration shoot with organic materials like cotton, string, ribbons and flowers was featured on 100 Layer Cake. You can go and check the post and download the free printable calligraphy tags from here.

Tämä kuvaus, jonka tarkoituksena oli antaa vinkkejä miten paketoida lahjat orgaanisella tavalla käyttäen puuvillaa, lankaa, nauhoja ja kuivattuja kukkia julkaistiin 100 Layer Cake hää- ja juhlablogissa. Käy kurkkaamassa juttu ja lataa itsellesi ilmaiset, tulostettavat pakettikortit tästä.

An Autumn Retreat

The hectic wedding season almost over, I escaped to a little weekend retreat together with some other lovely ladies from the wedding industry.

Michaela put together a wonderful welcome package for all of us. We received a handmade styling bowl by Tuias, a beautiful set of hand-dyed silk ribbons by Seidenband and a wonderful linen apron by not PERFECT LINEN.

We also wanted to share our knowledge amongst ourselves so we did some foraging and learned to make flower arrangements and styling with the guide of Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look. May I say we did prrrretty good!

We photographers, as in Katja Scherle who flew all the way from Germany, Petra Veikkola and I couldn't help ourselves and wanted to just shoot everything because everything was just so beautiful and the light and the place and and!  - So it was good that the ladies told us to just put the cameras down and get our hands on the flowers and start creating.

On a mini vacation you can't go without having great food and wine, so we had an expert, Mikko, from Corner France give us a private wine tasting and Romany of Aan Tafel made us some scrumptious cake. Wine and cake, what more do you need?

All I really want to say that I enjoyed myself that weekend. I could really let my hair down and just relax for a moment. I've gotten some amazing new friends during these past couple of years and they really are invaluable to me. So thanks ladies!

Styling, Flowers and Calligraphy: Hey Look
Handmade bowl: Tuias
Ribbons: Seidenband
Location: Villa Stenberg
Wine tasting: Corner France
Cake: Cakes by Aan Tafel