....Surprise Proposal in Helsinki..Yllätyskosinta Helsingissä....

Hannes is one of my best friends and we’ve known each other for over 6 years now. He’s just awesome. And so is his girlfriend. So of course we wanted to celebrate their relationship by taking some photos on a beautiful autumn day.

As we were wrapping up the shoot, something REALLY unexpected happened. I had no idea that Hannes had actually planned on popping the question and asking Satu to marry him during our shoot.

So when I noticed him pulling up a ring from his sleeve and getting down on one knee, a part of me was shocked. I wanted to scream and cry out of pure happiness but another part of me (the professional side) just made me hold it together, keep my mouth shut, -okay I couldn't hold back the tears but luckily it doesn't make any noise and I just kept on capturing the unique moment.

Giveaway winners: Jenni & Mari's save the date shoot

Earlier this spring I had a giveaway together with Hey Look and Mari and Jenni were the lucky winners! 
But I think it was honestly my luck that they won as it was truly a privilege to meet up with these two lovely ladies and have a shoot for their Save the Date cards. The design of the cards will be later designed by Hey Look as a part of the giveaway. Can't wait to see them!

Aikaisemmin keväällä pidimme sosiaalisessa mediassa pienen kilpailun yhdessä Hey Lookin kanssa ja Mari ja Jenni olivat onnelliset voittajat!
Rehellisesti sanottuna pidin kuitenkin itseäni voittajana, kun sain etuoikeuden tavata nämä kaksi upeaa naista ja kuvata heidän Save the Date -korttiin tulevat kuvat. Kortit suunnittelee Hey Look osana palkintoa, enkä malta odottaa, että näen ne!

....A Day in their lives - A couple shoot in Amsterdam..Parikuvaus Amsterdamissa....

Coupleshoot in Amsterdam, Parikuvaus Amsterdamissa, Hääkuvaus, Kihlakuvaus, Engagement Shoot in Amsterdam, Destination Wedding Photographer The Netherlands

I travelled to Amsterdam in the beginning of May to meet with Laura and Owen, -a great Finnish Canadian couple who are getting married in Finland this summer.

We spent most of the Saturday and well, the weekend discussing about their upcoming wedding, their ideas, wishes and the schedule for the day. 
Those things we also could've easily talked through when they would've come to Helsinki or through Skype, but my initial idea for going to Amsterdam was to capture their home and lives at their current situation as they had just moved there from Canada. Like any other young couple they still have their plans for their future wide open so it was great to have this opportunity to be able to capture this part of their journey together.

So we did a small at home session (I was obsessed with that swing!!) and then went walking around Amsterdam and shot at gorgeous locations. We pretty much stopped shooting when the sun was setting so kudos to the couple for sticking up with me and making it through!

Laura keeps a wedding blog called Nordic Wife so if you want to keep up with their story and read her great tips while planning for their wedding then click here.

P.S. When I was studying marketing and business I did my exchange in Maastricht (2,5 hour train ride away from Amsterdam). It was amazing to be back in the Netherlands after over 6 years! It's definitely one of my favorite countries.

Couple Shoot in Windy Naantali

First of all I'm so happy I get to shoot this couple's wedding next month!

I met Anni and Karri over lunch in Naantali to discuss their plans and schedule for their wedding day and their wishes and expectations for the photography aspect. The same time we got to know each other a bit and I found out about how they met and a little bit about their history together. What a sweet and genuine couple!
Then we wrapped up the meeting with a couple session so they could get used to the camera a bit and see how I work and guide them throughout the shoot. This usually takes the nervousness of their portrait shoot on the wedding day away.
The wind was crazy that day! I don't think I've ever shot in a more windy situation. But we laughed it off it as the hair was going in our mouths and I had to occasionally raise my voice so that they could hear me! 
But as you can see from the images, it was all worth it!

Sovimme Annin ja Karrin kanssa hääpalaverin Naantaliin. Kasvotusten tapaamisessa on helppo käydä läpi parin ajatuksia, kysymyksiä ja hääpäivän aikataulua, kuin myös kysellä toiveita ja odotuksia kuvauspuoleen. Samalla pääsimme tutustumaan toisiimme hieman ja sainkin kuulla heidän ensitapaamisestaan ja yhteisestä historiasta. Tapaamisissa saan yleensä hyviä ideoita ja parin persoonaa ja mieltymyksiä selville, joita voin sitten hyödyntää itse hääpäivän kuvauksessa.
He ovat kyllä niin ihana ja herttainen pari!
Tapaamisen lopuksi meillä oli parikuvaus, jotta he voisivat tottua hieman kameran edessä oloon kuin myös nähdä miten työskentelen ja ohjailen heitä kuvauksen aikana. Silloin se jännityskin hääpäivän kuvauksesta pareilla yleensä hieman laantuu!
Oli ihan mielettömän tuulinen päivä tuona päivänä! En ole tainnut koskaan kuvata yhtä tuulisissa olosuhteissa, mutta onneksi Anni ja Karri osasivat nauraa asialle, eikä heitä haitannut ollenkaan vaikka hiukset menivät suuhun tai kun jouduin korottamaan ääntäni, että he kuulisivat minun ohjeitani!
Ja kuten kuvista varmaan huomaa, se oli ehdottomasti kaiken sen arvoista!