....Mommy & Me Minisession Day..Äiti & Minä Kuvauspäivä....

Mommy & Me Kuvauspäivä, Susanna Nordvall, Äitienpäivä, Mother's Day, Perhekuvaus, Lapsikuvaus, Valokuvaus Helsinki (2).jpg

….We organized a Mommy & Me Minisession Day at our local second hand store, Lasten Unelma, on the 3rd of May. A week before Mother’s Day. Although the slot was only 5 minutes per shoot, it was so lovely to see how all the moms and their little ones got so comfortable so quickly in front of my camera, and showered each other with kisses, tickles and hugs. The goal was, -for once to get moms in front of the camera with their offspring, since they often have the role of the photographer in their everyday life.
In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some of the best bits from our minisession day. While editing these I realized at one point how my cheeks started to hurt, it was because of all the smiling! I just couldn’t help but to smile while going through these images! So here’s my challenge for you: Look through all the images and let me know in the comments whether or not you could do it without smiling, even just a little bit. I promise you, it’s a lot harder than you think! :D Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely Moms!

Location: Lasten Unelma Second Hand
Macramé: Bubula Design..Järjestimme Äiti & Minä kuvauspäivän Espoon Lasten Unelma Second Handin tiloissa 3.5., juuri sopivasti ennen Äitienpäivää. Vaikka kuvausaika oli vain tiiviit 5 minuuttia, oli ihanaa huomata kuinka äidit lapsineen rentoutuivat nopeasti kamerani edessä ja antautuivat halailemaan, hauskuuttelemaan ja antamaan toisillensa paljon pusuja.

Kuvauspäivän tarkoituksena oli saada äidit sieltä perheen valokuvaajan roolista kerrankin kameran eteen, kuviin yhdessä lastensa kanssa.

Äitienpäivän kunniaksi halusin koota yhteen muutamia parhaimpia paloja kuvauspäivästä ja näitä muokatessani huomasinkin jossain kohtaa, kuinka poskeni alkoivat sattua siitä kaikesta hymyilystä: Eihän näitä kuvia voinut katsoa hymyilemättä!

Haastan siis sinutkin kokeilemaan! Katso kuvat läpi ja kerro kommenteissa pääsitkö loppuun asti ilman, että hymyilit kertaakaan. Usko pois, se on vaikeampaa kuin uskotkaan. :D

Haluan toivottaa kaikille Äideille ihanaa Äitienpäivää!

Kuvauspaikka: Lasten Unelma
Kuvauksen makramee: Bubula Design….

Loving Life in a Baby Bubble - A Family Shoot in New York

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For years now Michaela of Nord & Mae has been helping and guiding me with my brand and the direction of my business.

A few years ago, I was set on quitting wedding photography as weddings had somehow lost the spark for me, but then while on my first maternity leave Michaela contacted me out of the blue for a wedding workshop. I’m so happy that I said yes because with that I gained a best friend, a confidante and a mentor, without whom I most likely wouldn’t be shooting weddings anymore. I probably wouldn't have gotten into the world of film photography (that I now love dearly!) and wouldn't be able to define my brand in the ways I can today.

Lately, we’ve been working on meaningful storytelling through images. Michaela has been diving deep into the theory of storytelling and cinematography, and recently has started to develop some practical techniques on how to tell a coherent, authentic story in still images. I have been lucky enough to start testing and implementing these very techniques just this year.

And now with this shoot somehow it finally clicked. Finally, while shooting this lovely little family in New York, I feel like everything I’ve learned, practiced and worked on so hard fell into place. Spending the morning with these new parents in their baby bubble, far from the bustling Manhattan was amazing. The place was so filled with love. And I could see how every part and every little gesture was such an important piece to telling the story of their love. Looking at these images now, I feel like it all makes sense. This exactly is why and how I want to tell people’s stories. This is how I want to capture love.

....Autumnal maternity shoot..Syksyinen Odotusajankuvaus....

Perhekuvaus, Lapsikuvaus, Odotusajankuvaus, Masukuvaus, Maternity Shoot, Family Shoot, Helsinki, Finland

It was interesting when one of my photographer colleagues, Laura contacted me for a shoot and I learned that she was in exactly the same stage of life as me! We have daughters of the same age and our due dates were just a week apart from each other. How cool is that!

So I was honored when she trusted me for her maternity shoot and we had a lovely evening walking around the fields near their cottage. We certainly didn't let the cold air and cloudy weather discourage our moods!

Last news I heard was that she was still in one piece, so good luck Laura for what's ahead!

Rakkaudentäyteinen perhekuvaus tuulisessa Yyterissä

I have not much to say. I'm in love with this shoot and this family! These three were such troopers running around and playing at the beach on a sunny August evening. Little did we know coming from a calm, windless center of Pori, that it would be stormy weather at the beach!
We didn't stay long, but that was all we needed.

Yyteri is a really gorgeous place, where I would love to have more shoots. Juuuust a little less windy maybe.
I had to actually vacuum my camera bag from all the sand! But it was so worth it.

Ella, ekaluokkalaisen kuvaus Helsingissä


Summer has gone by so quickly and I've been swamped with work so apologies for neglecting my blog. I will be posting a lot of shoots and news this upcoming fall, so please be patient with me!

But now it's that time of the year again when the schools are starting and new first graders are walking through the school's gates for the first time.
I can only imagine how it feels like when your child is starting school. Sooner than you realize they are in high school, graduate, turn 18, drive a car, start her or his own career, fall in love, get married and get their own kids....okay okay I'm calming down now.

Ella is one of the kids starting school today. I'm so excited for her and wish I could give her mom a hug but we have 300 kilometers between us at the moment so that'll have to wait. 
But Ella was amazing during the shoot. She has been on set of just a couple of styled shoots her mom, Michaela has designed and directed and being so attentive, she apparently quickly picked up the natural posing and instructions her mom was giving to the models. I only had to try to keep up with her and keep pressing that shutter. Me and Michaela were just speechless as it was so cute and gorgeous!

I think it's important to continue capturing your child while they're growing up. At least in Finland you tend to get photos taken of your child by a professional when they are newborns, when they turn one and then the next time when they are fifteen and has their confirmation. Well, a lot happens in between all that time. So why not celebrate it? Why not have it captured? 
Why parents only rely on the headshots they get annually from the daycares and schools and still usually every time complain that they are not great or that your child has a weird facial expression or the hair is not right or something.

Don't settle. Take max. two hours of your busy schedules and update your family photos every year. I promise you won't regret it. And remember to print the images too!

Hope your kids had a memorable first day of school.

Perhekuvaus Lauttasaari, Helsinki

It's always an honor when a colleague asks me to capture their lives, and this time was no different. It also always makes me super nervous as I think I'm being evaluated, as every photographer has their own way of working and tricks to make customers feel comfortable and at ease during the shoots.

But Jukka's family was so lovely and friendly and I had so much fun talking to the girls, Beata and Aada so I quickly forgot that I was working and just had fun with them. They are a gorgeous family so I just got more and more excited during the shoot! I could've spent the whole day just photographing them. Just look at Katja's hair, their chemistry, the wind, the light, just everything!
The weather forecast was promising rain for the whole day and we almost postponed the shoot but in the end we decided to take a risk and luckily it paid off. - well sort of. Okay, it wasn't raining, but it was really cold and windy. But they were troopers and the photos turned out gorgeous!

Jukka and his family loved the shoot and photos as well and this is what they wanted to say about their experience being photographed by me:

"Nobody has ever given me such good instructions and made me feel so relaxed before! Being photographed was easy and it was so awesome that Susanna was also so excited about the photos. Who wouldn't shine after being showered with compliments! :) Our whole family just blossomed during the shoot." 


"Nervous. That was the first thought when the day of the shoot was getting closer. Being a photographer myself, I'm not used to being on the "wrong" side of the camera that much and it always makes me feel a bit weird. With Susanna the nervousness quickly wore off and after the first few minutes you forgot you're being photographed. Normally I feel kinda dorky when I'm being photographed, but this time I felt comfortable and relaxed - and it really shows in the photos. For once I think I look pretty good. We are more than happy with the photos and we could recommend Susanna to anyone without any hesitations."



On aina kunnia, kun kollega pyytää ikuistamaan elämäänsä ja perhettänsä. Se on samalla myös erittäin stressaavaa, koska sinulla on koko ajan sellainen tunne kuin sinua arvosteltaisiin ja mittailtaisiin. Jokaisella kuvaajalla kun on oma tapa työskennellä ja omat pikku niksinsä, miten saada asiakkaat rentoutumaan ja tuntemaan olonsa mukavaksi kuvauksissa.

Mutta ei tällä kertaa. Jukan perhe oli niin ihana ja ystävällinen ja oli ihanaa jutella Beatan ja Aadan kanssa, että unohdin kokonaan olevani töissä ja keskityin vain pitämään hauskaa heidän kanssaan. Olisin voinut kuvata tätä upeaa perhettä vaikka koko päivän! Katso nyt tuota Katjan tukkaa, vanhempien välistä kemiaa, tuulta, valoa, ihan kaikkea!
Me melkein siirsimme kuvauspäivää, koska sääennuste näytti sadetta koko päiväksi. Päätimme kuitenkin ottaa riskin ja onneksi se kannatti! Tai noh, illalla ei satanut, mutta oli todella kylmä ja tuulinen ilta. Mutta onneksi heitä ei oltu tehty sokerista ja tuuli oli mahtava lisä kuvauksiin niin pärjäsimme hyvin!

Jukka perheineen pitivät kuvauksesta ja kuvista myös oikein paljon ja tässä muutama kommentti heidän kokemuksestaan olla minun kuvattavina:

"Kukaan ei ole koskaan ohjannut ja saanut vapautumaan mua niin hyvin! Kuvattavana oleminen oli helppoa, ja oli ihanaa, kun Suski oli niin innostunut itse kuvista. Kukapa ei kehuttuna ja kannustettuna loistaisi! :) Koko meidän perhe puhkesi kukkaan."


"Jännittää. Se oli ensimmäinen ajatus, kun kuvaus lähestyi. Itsekin valokuvaajana en ole tottunut olemaan kameran “väärällä” puolella kovin paljoa, ja se tuntuu aina vähän oudolta. Mutta Suskin kanssa jännitys hälveni ja heti ensimmäisten minuuttien aikana unohtui, että ollaan kuvattavana. Normaalisti kuvattavana tuntuu aina vähän dorkalta, mutta nyt oli vain mukavaa ja rentoa - ja se näkyy kuvissa. Kerrankin näytän omasta mielestäni kuvissa aika hyvältä. Ollaan siis enemmän kuin tosi tyytyväisiä kuviin ja suositellaan Suskia kaikille varauksetta."


Minikuvauspäivä Raumalla

My first minisession day in Helsinki was so much fun and exciting, so when I heard that clients wanted me to organize a similar event in Rauma, I jumped at the chance!

So at the end of May, the evening before the shoots I arrived in Rauma with my family and Meri-Pauliina, my great friend and assistant for the minisession day. 
The pouring rain didn't stop us from scouting for a suitable location. I had couple of locations in mind already that I just wanted to check out in what conditions they were and how suitable they would be for the shoots. The last location seemed fit with it's paths running through the little forest and people could park their cars really close.
Then, just before we were leaving for the car to run for cover of the rain, we spotted this magical spot that I haven't ever seen before! And I've been shooting at the same location a couple of times over the years.
In the middle of the forest there was this piece of a bridge of some sort, which I concluded that it must've been used for drying rugs after cleaning. The bridge was surrounded by greenery and the spot was gorgeous and unique. During the minisession day people were admiring the location and were also saying that they never knew there was a place like that in there! 

The people that attended the minisession day have now received their galleries from their shoots. I loved the day and how much everyone made an effort with everything! Thank you so much everyone! Here's just a few of my favorite images from the day. As you can see I had a hard time picking just a few...

Would you be interested in a minisession in the fall? Outdoors or indoors? What city?
Leave me a comment and I just might come!

Hauska Perhekuvaus Vanhassa Raumassa

This family is the cutest!
I first met them a couple of years ago when I photographed their daughter when she was around 3 years old and now I got the chance to meet their adorable little boy on Mother's day weekend.
That teddy he's carrying was apparently new by the look of the tags still on it, but it sure looked like it was his best friend and the most precious thing he's ever had since he wouldn't let go of his furry little friend during the shoot. Maybe that day was the beginning of a lovely friendship.