Ella, ekaluokkalaisen kuvaus Helsingissä


Summer has gone by so quickly and I've been swamped with work so apologies for neglecting my blog. I will be posting a lot of shoots and news this upcoming fall, so please be patient with me!

But now it's that time of the year again when the schools are starting and new first graders are walking through the school's gates for the first time.
I can only imagine how it feels like when your child is starting school. Sooner than you realize they are in high school, graduate, turn 18, drive a car, start her or his own career, fall in love, get married and get their own kids....okay okay I'm calming down now.

Ella is one of the kids starting school today. I'm so excited for her and wish I could give her mom a hug but we have 300 kilometers between us at the moment so that'll have to wait. 
But Ella was amazing during the shoot. She has been on set of just a couple of styled shoots her mom, Michaela has designed and directed and being so attentive, she apparently quickly picked up the natural posing and instructions her mom was giving to the models. I only had to try to keep up with her and keep pressing that shutter. Me and Michaela were just speechless as it was so cute and gorgeous!

I think it's important to continue capturing your child while they're growing up. At least in Finland you tend to get photos taken of your child by a professional when they are newborns, when they turn one and then the next time when they are fifteen and has their confirmation. Well, a lot happens in between all that time. So why not celebrate it? Why not have it captured? 
Why parents only rely on the headshots they get annually from the daycares and schools and still usually every time complain that they are not great or that your child has a weird facial expression or the hair is not right or something.

Don't settle. Take max. two hours of your busy schedules and update your family photos every year. I promise you won't regret it. And remember to print the images too!

Hope your kids had a memorable first day of school.