Tyttäreni täytti vuoden! Muisteluja ja Cake Smash Kuvaus

Our lives changed forever when she came out into the world exactly one year ago. The love of my life, the sunshine of my day, my absolute everything. My daughter Stella turned one today.

I was freaking out the day we brought her home; it was now our responsibility to keep her alive and well. How the hell other parents do that!?! The responsibility was overwhelming and I was really scared. But as the days and months went by, I started to relax a bit as I saw that we can actually do this and it's going pretty good as well. We gave our everything to keep her happy.

Now I also understand when people keep telling me "Cherish the moments!" "The time flies by way too fast!" "She will grow up so fast!" It's all true. Damn it! She is walking already! I want my baby back! Where did she go?

It's bittersweet, as I love watching her grow, learn new things and just change in front of my eyes, but still I'd like to stop the time and have the little newborn in my arms again.

I had an A-HA moment when a friend of mine just recently said to me; "Well you are stopping the time. You're taking photos of her.* I think that was the first time it really hit me how powerful and meaningful an image, a photo can be to someone.

Now I'm not gonna lie. I've gone crazy with my first born and with her first year. I think I have over 15 000 photos of her. Oops. And lots of videos. Oops again. Poor little girl. ;D
But I love it! It may take A WHILE to edit the best ones and create a huuuuge album but eventually it will get done, I promise!

Before I start crying writing all of this (I CAN STILL BLAME IT ON THE HORMONES), I just wanted to let you all know how proud I am to be her Mom, her Äiti. How thankful I am to our family and friends for all the love and support we've gotten and to doctors, nurses and everyone who has made an impact on her life.
Thank you to my husband for giving me such a beautiful and perfect little girl and for being the best Dad she could ever hope for. I could've ever hoped for. I love you. I love us.

I'm not gonna smother you anymore with the sweet talk or hundreds of photos of my baby. :D Just gonna end this blog post with showing you some highlights from the past 12 months and finishing it off with a cake smash shoot we did with her yesterday in my Kuura Studio.

Cake is from Aan Tafel
Headbands and lace shorts are from Pitsidiiva