Isla, Lapsikuvaus Helsingissä

Parents tend to have their children's photo taken at certain milestones of their lives; When they turn 1, when they have their confirmation, when they graduate...

Break the pattern and do something different!
This shoot with Isla, a stunning 4 -year-old, (look at all that hair!!) was easy to organize. We spent an hour at a park next to her home, I let her run around and do her stuff, be goofy and play with the leafs and as a result we got some stunning images of her.

Check her photos and send me a message if you got interested in having your girl feel like a princess for a day or your son feel like a handsome young man (who's secretly a superhero). Because why not? At the same time you could update your family photos as well. ;)

Flowercrown by Michaela from Hey Look
Clothes from Zara