Maternity shoot, -when the photographer steps in front of the lens

This is going to be a personal post as I wanted to share our news with you all!
We are expecting our second daughter due this month! We are beyond excited and Stella can't wait to meet her little sister. 

And just so you know, I can so relate to my clients! I'm not comfortable being in front of the lens, hence loving the role being behind it. Even though shooting a lot and giving directions to my awesome clients, when put on the spot I get very self-conscious and I don't know how to act naturally.

But luckily I have amazing, professional friends that took care of me when I wanted to have this unforgettable next phase in our lives captured. They made the shoot fun, I felt pretty and now I have a lot of gorgeous images of me and the belly and our daughter Stella to cherish forever. 

So from the bottom of heart (or belly as it is waaaay bigger) I would like to thank the super talented women on this list of credits
Photographer Michaela Egger of Hey Look
Personal stylist, who also did my hair and makeup, Paula Jaako of Hey Look
And special thanks to Siiri Sirviö, who kept Stella company while we were shooting
Also thank you to Paula and Siiri, that we could use your apartment for the shoot!

My linen dress is designed by Apuntob, sold in Lifestyle
Stella's dress is from Zara

Scroll down if you're interested in my plans of getting back behind the camera after the baby is here!

No need to be scared if you'd like to book me for a wedding or another shoot next year! 
I'm going to stay in the baby bubble for the rest of this year, but for 2018 I'm taking bookings normally. I still have a few dates in the summer free, so send me a message if you're in a need of a photographer!

Jos olit suunnitellut varaavasi minut kuvaamaan häänne tai muun kuvauksen ensi vuodelle niin älä huolestu! Hiljennyn loppuvuodeksi nauttimaan vauvakuplasta, mutta vuodelle 2018 otan normaalisti kuvauksia vastaan. Ensi kesältä löytyy vielä muutamia vapaita aikoja, eli laita ihmeessä viestiä, jos olet kuvaajaa vailla!