Minikuvauspäivä Raumalla

My first minisession day in Helsinki was so much fun and exciting, so when I heard that clients wanted me to organize a similar event in Rauma, I jumped at the chance!

So at the end of May, the evening before the shoots I arrived in Rauma with my family and Meri-Pauliina, my great friend and assistant for the minisession day. 
The pouring rain didn't stop us from scouting for a suitable location. I had couple of locations in mind already that I just wanted to check out in what conditions they were and how suitable they would be for the shoots. The last location seemed fit with it's paths running through the little forest and people could park their cars really close.
Then, just before we were leaving for the car to run for cover of the rain, we spotted this magical spot that I haven't ever seen before! And I've been shooting at the same location a couple of times over the years.
In the middle of the forest there was this piece of a bridge of some sort, which I concluded that it must've been used for drying rugs after cleaning. The bridge was surrounded by greenery and the spot was gorgeous and unique. During the minisession day people were admiring the location and were also saying that they never knew there was a place like that in there! 

The people that attended the minisession day have now received their galleries from their shoots. I loved the day and how much everyone made an effort with everything! Thank you so much everyone! Here's just a few of my favorite images from the day. As you can see I had a hard time picking just a few...

Would you be interested in a minisession in the fall? Outdoors or indoors? What city?
Leave me a comment and I just might come!