Minikuvauspäivä Vallila, Helsinki

It's almost been a month since I had my first styled minisession event. By now the clients from the day have received their images so I thought I would share some of my favorites from the day with you! And just wanted to give you a heads up, - I had a hard time narrowing those favorites down so sorry, it's gonna be a long post. :D

So with each client I had 15 minutes to shoot and with 21 slots for the day...IT WAS AMAZING! With all the laughs, kisses, hugs, couple of tears and some spittle the day went by so quickly! I had so much fun and I hope my clients and everyone involved enjoyed the day as well!

I just wanted to thank all of you who came! I was really touched to see that the day was sold out in just a couple of days!

And a special thank you to Michaela Egger from Hey Look and her family for making the setting, flower crowns and boutonnieres so gorgeous, Romany and Juho from Cakes by Aan Tafel for the delicious cupcakes and Otto! The man who really was my right hand during the day and even managed on the side to gather up some video material which you can check at the end of this post!

What do you think of minisessions? Would you be interested if I'd organize a new one in couple of months? Any wishes for the type of setting or props you'd like to have on the shoot? Let me know so I could grant your wishes! I would love to organize a new one really soon!