....Nordic Minimalistic Wedding Shoot in Helsinki, Finland..Pohjoismaalaisen Minimalistinen Hääkuvaus Helsingissä....

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It's a pure privilege getting to be a part of a project like this shoot. Observing how other professionals work and do their magic, seeing all the love that's between the couple, being captured on film for them to cherish in the years to come and how all the aspects of the styling goes just perfectly together.

That is what Hey Look does. Getting the absolute best out of people and bringing the couple's personalities into live in the form of textures, shapes, colors and actions. The women of Hey Look really are passionate and love what they do, -and it really shows.
And everything they do is always just fricking gorgeous it's ridiculous!

I got the chance to observe some of the magic happen when Hey Look had a shoot together with the crazily talented German fine art film photographer Katja Scherle. She is one of the best photographers I know. She has an eye for the littlest details and point of views that most of us would just ignore but she can make them to be the most important ones.

This shoot was also a turning point on my own way of shooting.
I bought this old Nikon film camera a couple of weeks earlier as I've lately studied and tried to get the hang of the different feel and tones that the film has compared to the digital.
hile Katja was changing her rolls I got the chance to capture some images as well.
Weeell the film scans turned out to mostly be out of focus, but after that I've mostly been shooting on manual as I feel that focusing manually let's you focus on exactly where you want and while the focus is sharp, it still has the softness like the film. At least it gets really darn close to it!
And it always helps afterwards to have a few images of the shoot on film, so you can then try to match the digital edits as close to the scans as possible.

Design, creative direction & styling: Hey Look 
Floral design: Hey Look
Catering & cakes: Aan Tafel
Venue: Vanhat Veturitallit, Helsinki
Hair & Make-up: Beat!
Wedding dress: IDA by Milamira
Groom's suit: NAM
Graphic design: Hey Look
Dishware, cutlery, glassware: Stockmann
Furniture: Habitat
Film scans: Carmencita