Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park

On our way back to Czech, we wanted to stop by Plitvice Lakes National Park, as we still wanted to see something and our hosts in Ljubač recommended the place. 

Just when we got there the weather was quickly turning for the worse with thunder and lightning and a bit of regional showers. It didn't seem that bad though, so with the famous Finnish gut or sisu, as we like to call it, we continued on and in an hour the weather cleared up and we could concentrate on the gorgeous scenery.

The waterfalls, mountains, turquoise and crystal clear water and forests with massive trees were all breathtaking. You could easily spend a week there just exploring and being constantly amazed.

We didn't know anything about the park before getting there so we thought that you just take a small walk and see a waterfall or two. But little did we know that when we found ourselves walking towards our cars, it was 4 hours later.
The place is just simply stunning. We had to contain ourselves from jumping into the waters as it looked so pure and well, because it was strictly prohibited.

In case you're going there, wear good walking shoes, take a water bottle and leave your baby strollers behind as they are just a drag there.