Romany and Juho's surprise winter wedding at Evon Luonto

Romany and Juho's wedding has to be one of the most emotional weddings I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of and had the honor of capturing.
This couple are the faces behind the fine dining catering company Aan Tafel and Cakes by Aan Tafel. Past few years they have been super busy with work; successful companies, pop up restaurant, planning and opening their own restaurant, you name it.
I have no idea how they have some free time, let alone some time to sleep!
Being so busy and Romany's family living in Holland and Juho's in Finland, it's no wonder planning a wedding on top of all that where the families come together might seem like an overwhelming project.

But an opportunity came knocking when Romany's Dad was about to turn 60 and he wanted to come to Finland to celebrate it with his daughter. Romany and Juho had an idea to plan just a small surprise wedding and disguise it as a birthday party for her Dad. But once more family and friends found out about the birthday party, they wanted to come and get together and participate.
And that's just how Romany and Juho's families are: super close, loving, participating, there for each other.

Except for the few friends helping Romany and Juho with the wedding, like Michaela of Hey Look who did the styling of the wedding, me, the staff from their kitchen who helped with the dinner and the cake buffet, they managed to keep the wedding plan as a secret!

So along came the day in February, when the family and friends gathered together at Evon Luonto for a long weekend of celebration. It was planned that on Saturday, people would first gather around the bonfire for some hot chocolate, marshmallows and some family pics and then continue the party inside with a long dinner.

Once everyone else were outside, Romany and Juho stayed inside to change into their wedding attire and Romany's Dad was called in as Romany wanted to ask him in private if he could walk her down the isle. As she was about to get married to the love of her life, in just a couple of minutes.

I'm already tearing up just writing this story, as looking through the pics and remembering the moments and the reactions is just so touching.

While they were inside, the others outside all got special notes either letting them know what's about to happen and/or if they'd have a part in the wedding.

A few of the guests said later that they had a feeling something was up but they just thought Romany and Juho would announce their engagement, not that that they would get married, right there and then!

The ceremony was emotional yet relaxed and I think most of the people forgot about the -20 something degree crispy weather.
The day and night continued with amazing food, jokes, laughter, emotional speeches and just with an athmosphere filled with love.

In the evening Romany and Juho also Skyped to their siblings who couldn't make it there to tell the happy news before they'd find out about it from somewhere else. Juho's sister had just left Finland for good and was on her way to find a new life in South America, so if one could physically come through the screen to give a big hug, she would've been the one to do just that.

I am so happy for these two amazing, loving and talented humans. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

And I think it's pretty safe to say that her Dad got the best birthday gift ever.


Styling and flowers: Hey Look
Stationary and Calligraphy: Lumi Calligraphy
Food: Toni Toivanen and Dani Hänninen
Cakes: Jessica Wahl
Hand made ceramic plates: Aan Tafel
Dress: Milamira
Rings: Best of Both
Romany's shoes: Minna Parikka
Venue: Evon Luonto