....Toni & Sofia, A Couple shoot at sunset and 5 things you didn't know about my brother..Toni & Sofia, parikuvaus auringon laskiessa ja 5 asiaa, joita et tiennyt veljestäni....

Parikuvaus Rauma, Kihlakuvaus Rauma, Helsinki, Espoo, Couple Shoot in Finland, Engagement Shoot

You don't have to get engaged or married to have some reason to take beautiful photos. You just need to be in love. Celebrate it! Show it off!

Here's my little brother Toni and his girlfriend Sofia. They wanted to do just that. No engagement rings, no "bun in the oven" and I'm guessing wedding bells aren't ringing in the near future either. (Bummer!)

They are a gorgeous, fun couple and have been together for nearly 2 years now. How do I remember that?  Number 1: They met on the night my husband proposed to me. They were actually 2 meters away from that! But that's just a whooole different story ;D

Back to this shoot. We were in Rauma one weekend to see our Mom and Stepdad, just before I got sick actually, and we wanted to go and chase the sunset on one evening as they've been wanting to get some photos done for a while now. Sunset and pretty fall colors, what a perfect color palette. So we drove to a nearby forest as the sun was just setting, we were a little behind schedule, so we had like 30 minutes before the sun was completely set and there would've been enough light to shoot anymore.

Number 2: The story behind Toni's scar on his cheek. He got it when he was just a teeny tiny boy and we were still living in Nakkila. Clumsy as he was already back then (falling down on his head, broken tooth, falling down on his head again...) he actually ran between the automatic doors at the local supermarket and got stuck. How can one manage to do that?! Well he did and I still remember the screaming and the blood. Poor little boy. Nowadays it's just another funny story and we laugh about it. I can't really imagine him without the scar. It's become of him. Makes him a bit of a badass looking...ish. :D

Number 3: Toni and I are really, really close. He's now living in Turku and I live in Helsinki, but we talk every week and try to see each other as much as possible. We got married at the registry office with my husband before our daughter was born, but had another wedding last May with our family and friends. Toni was there speaking in front of us and making us to repeat our vows, instead of a priest. It was so much more personal and meaningful to us. It was perfect.

He is always there for me. He actually came together with my Mom and Stepdad to Helsinki on the day Stella was born, just to see the first glimpse of her. Toni and Sofia are also the Godparents to our daughter together with another couple. I love you two!

Number 4: When he was a raging teenager, he had a heavy metal phase; meaning he kept his hair reeeeeally loong, it was almost to his butt when it was the longest. And he hated everything and gaming and music was his life. Just like most of the guys, right? And we fought a lot but that's just what sisters and brothers do when we are young. I knew that was all just a front. In reality he was and still is a very sensitive guy that will always have your back. He has the best sense of humor too!

Number 5: Toni is actually an entrepreneur as well! (We both are following in our Dad's footsteps) He works as a senior developer at Tuiske Productions, writing codes for games, keeping up their blog and creating the soundtracks. What a multitalent! Go and check their new game! It's really addictive.

But now enjoy the images and let me know what you think! I'm trying to start blogging more too...