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When we started planning our wedding, Juho and I immediately agreed that Susanna's style and photographs are exactly what we wished for. And boy are we happy she captured our day. Susanna is amazing! Having her as a part of our big day felt natural, comfortable and she truly guided and helped us out wherever we didn't even know we needed guidance. Looking back at the pictures it is hard not to cry because it is like we are just right back to the exact moment. Thank you for everything, your way of working and the pictures are beyond anything we could have ever dreamt of!

Romany & Juho

You were like a part of our wedding party

Susanna, it was so much fun to have you around during the morning, it felt like you were part of the wedding party which absolutely ensured that I could be natural in the photos rather than stiff and nervous.

It's a shame that Mark and I plan to only marry this one time, cause it would be so much fun to do this all over again!

Miina & Mark

Susanna has done more than capturing our special day, she captured the essence of our love story.

Our wedding photos are beautiful in a dreamy, organic way. We love the pure and sheer elegance of the lighting and, at the same time, the sort of down-to-earth, realistic feeling of the images. We are amazed at the little details and passing moment she captured - that we didn’t know were happening! 

Jennifer & Miikka

Susanna made me look so amazing in my wedding photos

Choosing her as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made in our wedding planning. She was professional but so fun to be around. She managed to make me feel relaxed during the portraits - which is a miracle! I focused only on my husband and we almost forgot that someone was taking our pictures.

Anna & Niklas


Every wedding is different and every couple has their own unique set of expectations. And because I always want to exceed those expectations, I don't offer fixed priced packages. Instead, I target each offer specifically to your needs, taking into account location, wedding size and duration, style and personal wishes.

Every year I only book 20 weddings to guarantee the best possible service and attention to all my clients. On your wedding day I am there for you from start to finish offering a total of 10-14 hours of full coverage.
My pricing starts at 850€ for engagements, 2000€ for elopements and 3500€ for weddings. 

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