Lifestyle branding shoot

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Do you ever feel like you're stuck or in a rut with your visual marketing and you just don't know how to get to that next phase and stand out from the rest? To attract your ideal customers? I know I have.

A few years ago I was doing my own thing but it wasn't really enough for the style I was hoping to achieve, but I also thought that the goal I was aiming for was just way too out of my reach.

Then I met Michaela of Nord & Mae and with her fresh pair of eyes, honesty, incredible vision and hours, okay, hundreds of hours of work (tears, frustration and lots and lots of laughs) my brand, me and my photography are finally at that stage where I was dreaming of being. If not beyond. I'm still constantly evolving but it took someone else to be there and guide me through my own walls and fears.

Now the ladies behind Nord & Mae and I together are offering our help to YOU. Guidance, tips, vision, encouragement, imagery and definitely lots of laughs.

Your brand imagery make-over

This make-over package includes planning, creative direction, styling and photography for a full-day branding shoot. 

Our process includes:

  • a branding consultation with Nord & Mae

  • photo shoot concept board creation by Nord & Mae

  • potential location & model selection

  • photo shoot production

  • photography by Susanna Nordvall

  • styling & creative direction by Nord & Mae

  • post production and image editing by Susanna Nordvall

We deliver:

  • product or service stills

  • images of products in use 

  • brand lifestyle & story images

  • supporting imagery

In short, everything you need to present your brand and products in a crazy attractive way to exactly the clients you want. A typical gallery includes about 100 - 150 images, all of which you will be free to use for promotion of your brand in print and digitally. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation and secure your brand imagery make-over!

If you’re not sure if this package is for you, or if you feel like you would need more in-depth help with building your brand, simply contact us for a free consultation!

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Imagery is getting more and more vital for brands in order to thrive in this world of social media. Clients are buying in the lifestyle, the status of the brand more than for the actual purpose or need of the product. Quality and targeted photos make your brand more cohesive and appealing to your ideal customers.

You’ll get a whole team to work on your brand. We will listen to you and your ideas on where you want to take your brand and we’ll show you a solution and give you ideas on how to get there.