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I shoot some of my work on film with a Contax 645. There’s something about a film image that can never be quite reproduced digitally. Film is so forgiving and flattering for skin tones. It erases blemishes and focuses on light. It has a unique aesthetic quality that speaks to so many of my clients. Colours on film are seemingly more subtle and more vibrant at the same time. Shadows are deeper, lights are brighter, yet the overall look is somehow infinitely soft.

Intimate couple shoot in Modena, Italy / fine art film wedding photographer Susanna Nordvall, Europe


Through years of me shooting digitally, - while fine-tuning my editing process, I always looked to those photographers I admired. And even though I found myself getting closer to the look of their images, a certain magic was missing. I kept trying, but I was never really 100% happy with the end result of my digital images. Until I realized that all those photographers were shooting on film.
So, I bought my first camera and for the first time, I could see that same incredible magic in my own images.
The process of shooting on film has been life-changing for me. Not just for the look of my final images. But for the way I shoot. Before, every digital shot had me looking down at the preview screen on my camera all the time - and it took me out of the moment every single time. With film, I can’t do this, and I love how much more present I am because of this. Also with my digital work.
And while a digital memory card can hold thousands of images at a time, on film every single shot is precious. When I create an image setting with you during a shoot, I slow down and intentionally craft each image. When I look through the camera, I feel the moment, I am focused entirely on you. I see every movement and every flicker of emotion. And then I press the shutter exactly when it feels right.
I, however, need to be realistic. As film loves and needs light, while working in the north of Europe during the darker months of the year, I need to choose the camera and equipment that works best for the moment. For your wedding I will always bring both my film and digital gear. Darker spaces, dance floor action and midnight walks in the moonlight will usually all have me reaching for my digital camera.

Shooting on film also takes a lot more time. I'm currently shooting most of my weddings without a team, so I always need to put your wedding day schedule above anything else and make quick decisions on which medium to use. But if you love the idea of having your wedding captured mainly on film, let me know and I'll add an assistant in my offer!

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